Let’s take stock of your options

We offer you the best solutions to exercise your ESOPs without selling a single share, get cash & lower your taxes

Do You Worry About ...

Being Short On Funds

Wondering how to get funds to subscribe ESOPs?

Paying More Taxes

Afraid of higher tax payments?

Losing Potential Wealth

Worrying if you’ll lose opportunities to create wealth?

How can EsopDhan help?

So let’s solve your
ESOP worries.

Think of us as your funding partner in the world of ESOPs.

Lower Your Taxes

Exercising your ESOPs early means you pay lesser taxes.

Quick Cash

It’s quick cash while retaining your shares.


No monthly installments, repayment on liquidity event.

It's easy to process

We Simplify Complex Problems for Employees


Request Proposal

Review and Accept

Liquid Funds

For Companies

Retain employees through conventional ESOPs


Increased employee satisfaction

Early exercise of ESOPs will give employees a sense of ownership and involvement.


Employee involvement in company growth

Attract and retain employees through share ownership plans.


A way to better manage company budgets

The company won’t have to buy back ESOPs.


No need to find an alternative

Phantom Shares, SARs, RSUs can be replaced with regular ESOPs.

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Our Client Testimonials

Pooja Singhal

Product Success Manager, Harness Inc.

“I recently took the help of ESOPDhan to exercise my Options when I left my startup. I want to share, this is such a lifesaver because without this I wouldn't have been able to exercise any of my remaining ESOPs as I didn't want to risk that much money. The whole loan process was smooth and hassle-free and didn't require any in-person shenanigans. I was guided very well throughout the whole experience, and the loan contracts are also very diligently drafted. For anyone working in unlisted companies, and who is given ESOPs as part of their compensation plan, this is a great option to exercise them without risking any of your personal assets.”

Mr. Hemant Khandelwal

MD & Head, Harness Inc.

“My colleagues in the US mentioned to me that there are multiple options to fund vested ESOP purchases through different financial instruments available in the US. Based here, in Bengaluru, I was in a conundrum because the only way I knew I could borrow was to borrow as a personal loan. That's what most banks told me. My conversations with some of my local colleagues led me to discover that I could borrow from an RBI approved financial institution with a transparent system. Thanks to ESOPDhan, I could pledge to buy stocks as a collateral as I had none other.”

Vikas Naiyar

Director of Software Engineering, Harness Inc.

“Initially, I was in two minds on whether to subscribe to my ESOPs or not. While on one hand I saw a huge upside that the ESOPs gave me while working for a fast-growing company, on the other hand, I was strapped for cash as I had put in my savings for house, car etc. When I heard about ESOPDhan ESOP funding programme, it was really a breather. ESOPDhan team helped me at every step to procure the loan for exercising my stock options. They clarified all my queries/concerns related to the loan, its commercial and helped in quick disbursal of the loan. ESOPDhan is a good alternative loan option where ESOP buy-back programme is not available.”


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